About Our
Almond Milk Bread

Our beautifully square-shaped bread, rich in almond milk, is fluffy, sweet, and healthy.

Our bread, handmade with carefully selected, safe, and secure ingredients, is completely additive-free. Crafted using organic flour and a unique formula featuring up to 75% almond milk, heavy cream, and water, it embodies the essence of Japanese high-end Shokupan. Almond milk, lower in fat and calories compared to raw milk and packed with minerals and vitamins, lends a natural sweetness and a mellow mouthfeel, elevating its taste to that of brioche rather than ordinary bread.

Fluffy & Sweet

Our bread is made with the utmost care and attention, and has a fluffy, sweet flavor. It is delicious eaten as is with nothing on it, or simply toasted and eaten with butter or honey. It is a versatile bread that can be made into sandwiches to enjoy an endless variety of flavors.

How To Eat Well

Please enjoy the taste that changes with time.


The aroma and dedivcate texture only freshly baked can provide. It can be served raw or toasted.



On the second day, it becomes more moist and settled, and sweeter. It can be served raw or toasted.



After the third day, please toast it to make it crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


How to

To preserve any leftovers after day 3, simply wrap the individual slice with plastic wraps bag to freeze. Defrost and toast to serve.